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about e-green solar

It’s started with a desire to add pv to our own home, and grew from there. In the process of installing panels owner-operator Stephen Blackler did hours of research and has since completed several courses on solar technologies, both pv and hot water.

Stephen has worked as a general contractor, plumber and project manager for commercial constructions. He is currenlty in the process of becoming NYCERDA certified as a PV installer. In the mean time he and his family have been using pv and solar-heated water for over 20 years.

The store is new, but the knowledge is experienced, and honest. We won't try to sell you something you can't use. And we'll make sure you get the most tax-rebates allowable to make your initial investment more affordable.

Come by, call 518-677-5155, or email Stephen directly.

Put your roof to work, install panels to harness solar energy.evacuated tube hot water panel

Explore the many ways to save money and the environment with solar electric and hotwater systems.


Come see us in beautiful Cambridge, NY

e-green solar FUN FACT: Sun-generated power is clean — no pollution, 
noise or fossil fuels. A typical 6 kilowatt system  
or 80 Gallon Solar Thermal Hot Water system will eliminate  
120 tons of carbon dioxide over its 30+ year lifetime.

    e-green solar 53 South Park Street - Cambridge NY 12816 518-677-5155 info@egreensolar.biz  
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