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The sun sends us 2 horsepower of energy per square meter a second...that's a lot of free power. But how to capture it? --Many people are aware of solar-energy collectors for electricity, and many people think it’s a nice, but expensive thing to do.  NOT TRUE! 

Today’s photovoltaic (PV) solar cells are more efficient and affordable than ever.  But what about all that heat, can we bring it in during winter months to keep us warm?  YES!  Traditional flat-plate solar hot water systems can give you a nice hot shower year-round.  Or step up to an evacuated tube hot-water system and link it to your home heating boiler, and you’ve got home-heating offs-set by free solar energy.  In either case your initial investment pays for itself, and starts bringing you FREE energy in just a few short years.

Put your roof to work, install panels to harness solar energy.evacuated tube hot water panel

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 Look south, if you see sunlight you can probably have solar....

flat plate and ev tube
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