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Evacuated tubes super-heat your water
Evacuated tube collectors are the next generation in solar-thermal technology. These systems are easily sized to fit the user's needs and can yield much higher temperatures, even on cloudy days.

Heat pipe evacuated tube collectors use a copper heat pipe attached to an absorber plate, inside a vacuum sealed solar tube. The heat pipe is hollow and the space inside is also evacuated. Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of liquid, such as alcohol or purified water plus special additives. The vacuum enables the liquid to boil at lower temperatures than it would at normal atmospheric pressure. When sunlight falls the surface of the absorber, the liquid in the heat tube quickly turns to hot vapor and rises to the top of the pipe. Water or glycol, flows through a manifold and picks up the heat. The fluid in the heat pipe condenses and flows back down the tube. This process continues, as long as the sun shines.

Since there is a "dry" connection between the absorber and the header, installation is much easier than with direct flow collectors. Individual tubes can also be exchanged without emptying the entire system of it's fluid and should one tube break, there is little impact on the complete system.

If you want not just domestic hot-water but to utilize sun power for home-heating evacuated tubes are best. These tubes will produce enough hot water to help warm or pre-warm hot-water based heating systems. If you want or already have radiant heat installed evacuated tubes can help reduce your fuel bills siignificantly.

one direction or current --which we draw away with metal contacts. That's electricity. Then an additional device called an inverter makes that electricity useful for your household. Depending upon the size of the cell the yeild is the wattage rating for each solar cell-panel. You can calculate what you can power with a watt, by thinking about your home lightbulbs. Are they 60W, 75W? Think how many you have on at any given moment then do the math, and that is the bare minimum you'd need to power parts of your house.

Finally you'll end up SAVING money in the long run. Most systems pay for themselves in about 6 years...that means FREE HOT WATER BIG REDUCTIONS IN YOUR FUEL BILLS FOR 10 OR MORE YEARS! Think about that, the next time you need to write a check to your oil or gas company.

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Put your roof to work, install panels to harness solar energy.evacuated tube hot water panel

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 Evacuated tubes increase solar thermal gain...

electrons in pv circuit

Properly installed evacuated tube systems will work
on over-cast days and in winter...on bright sunny
days temps can range from 170 - 350 degrees

Shrink your water bills! Go solar.


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