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use sun energy to directly heat your water
Flat plate systems have been in use to heat domestic hot water for decades. The concept is relatively simple: the sun's heat is collected to heat liquid passing through a series of tubes. --It's just like what happens when your garden hose heats up in the summer.

Most solar thermal systems use a heat exchanger that allows the liquid running through the plate to be part of a closed system. That system is pressurized and filled with a non-freezing agent such as glycol.

Residential users with properly sized, well mounted systems can, in many cases switch completely from traditional hot water systems to free-fuel solar systems. Many systems will last well over 20 years.

E-green Solar will help you choose the right number of flat-plates, and a storage tank for your needs. We'll either tie it into your existing system or if it's time for a replacement, we'll make sure you never have to take a cold shower again.

Finally you'll end up SAVING money in the long run. Most systems pay for themselves in about 6 years...that means FREE HOT WATER FOR 10 OR MORE YEARS! Think about that, the next time your teenager gets into the shower. Contact us at e-green solar to set up a site evaluation today!

SOLAR Heat Exchanger
Tie solar-heated water to your domestic hot water.evacuated tube hot water panel

Circulating pumps send cold water up to the collectors, where the sun heats it and sends it down to an exchanger. Call 518-611-5455 for a free site evaluation!



 Use the sun to heat your next bath!

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A typical flat-plate collector heats glycol or another
anti-freeze treated liquid by passing it through several
loops of tubing. A dark collecting film allows the
radiant heat of the sun to bring the liquid to
temperatures as high as 200 degrees F.

Solar thermal systems ARE eligible for State and
Federal tax rebates.

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