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PV creates solar electricity

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, "photovoltaic (PV) devices use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar radiation, which is nearly constant outside the Earth's atmosphere, varies with changing atmospheric conditions (clouds and dust) and the changing position of the Earth relative to the sun. Nevertheless, almost all U.S. regions have useful solar resources that can be accessed." 

BUT HOW DOES IT WORK? The solar cell generally uses a silicon semiconductor that allows sun energy to be absorbed. The process causes electrons to begin moving around and eventually, thanks to the field properties built into PV cells, the electrons made available begin to flow in one direction or current --which we draw away with metal contacts. That's electricity. Then an additional device called an inverter makes that electricity useful for your household. Depending upon the size of the cell the yeild is the wattage rating for each solar cell-panel. You can calculate what you can power with a watt, by thinking about your home lightbulbs. Are they 60W, 75W? Think how many you have on at any given moment then do the math, and that is the bare minimum you'd need to power parts of your house.

The next step is to decide if you'd like to keep all the power you make in a "battery back-up system," or if you'd like to sell what you don't use back to the power company with a "grid-tie" system. For help with all these questions, conact e-green solar.

Put your roof to work, install panels to harness solar energy.evacuated tube hot water panel

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 Shake those electrons....

electrons in pv circuit

Manufacturing of PV devices has increased dramatically over
the past 10 years. With that, the technology has increased effeciancy,
and decreased price. 

Depending upon use you may either reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

To get a high-end estimate of costs go to NYCERDA  

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