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Radiant Heat + Solar Systems
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Solar thermal
+radiant heat =
toasty toes for less $$
Ever notice how your feet are like a thermostat? If they're cold, you're cold. What's more, radiant heat systems put less demand on your heat exchanger. That means you can feel warm longer for less. Tie radiant to solar-thermal and you've got a heating source that runs on FREE FUEL!

Interested in radiant but afraid you can't have it in an older house?

Radiant heating can be installed fairly simply on ground floors of homes with basements, or in homes that are in the midst of a remodel.

New constructions can incorporate a diverse array of highly efficient radiant heat systems, that will save thousands of dollars and carbon emissions.

Save money and be warm. Call e-green solar to find out more today!

Put your roof to work, install panels to harness solar energy.evacuated tube hot water panel

Click on the links to the left to learn more about solar hot water and electric collectors, then contact us to help you get started.



 Use the sun to create radiant heat...

electrons in pv circuit

Even older homes be retrofited with radiant heat.
Warm your toes and lower your bills with sun-heated
water, or you can replace traditional oil fired baseboard
with radiant systems.

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