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Seems like a good idea, but will it work at my house?

Solar technologies have been around for a while, but until recently the cost prevented their use as a viable competitors to traditional utilities.

New technologies have improved effeciency and reduced cost, but consumers still aren't sure if solar is right for their setting. In most cases, solar can work for you, without cutting trees or too much retrofitting of your home. And if you're worried about the weather, cloudy days still have solar gain --in fact the northeast has better solar potential than many areas of the southwest!

So call e-green solar. We'll help you take the next steps, from finding the system thats right for you to making sure you get as many tax-rebates and incentives as allowable. Contact us for a site survey, and we'll help you compare your current utilities to solar energies.

And of couse we carry a nice assortment of garden lighting, battery chargers and educational kits and toys.

Enjoy Free Energy NOW!
Make electricity, or heat your home, solar power is free and plentiful. Let us help you put it to work for you.evacuated tube hot water panel

Click on the links to the left to learn more about solar hot water and electric collectors, then contact us to help you get started.


Contact us, and we'll do a site survey... 

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