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As cautious consumers we like to deal with folks face to face, so ...

        we thought a store made sense. You can come in, browse the cool educational toys, look at a solar collector up close and talk about what you'd like to do.

We're located in beautiful Cambridge, NY just 20 miles from the historic Saratoga Springs area, and adjacent to VT. We can discuss installs as far south as the capital district region, southern vermont, and north to the Adirondack park area.



If you can't make it during regular business hours, give us a call 518-677-5155 or drop an email to make an appointment.

Build a model solar car!
Solar power is fun too...we've got learning toys and projects that really work. evacuated tube hot water panel

Click on the links to the left to learn more about solar hot water and electric collectors, then contact us to help you get started.



Take a trip to Cambridge, have lunch in one of our
many restaurants or cafes, browse the book store on
Main street, shop the Co-op or see a show at Hubbard Hall.

    e-green solar 5 washin gton street - cambridge NY 12816 518-677-5155 info@egreensolar.biz  
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